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House of Pizza is St. Cloud’s favorite place to grab a pizza. What started as a small pizza shop in 1964 has grown into a big reputation in the area for making some of the best pizza. It opened as a quaint pizza and soda shop in downtown St. Cloud but their famous thin crush gourmet pizzas caused them to have a loyal following.

Today they’ve been recognized with many awards and top rankings for Minnesota pizza. They use the highest quality ingredients to make their pizzas with their famous original secret recipe and signature revolving oven. If you want to try pizza from a company with a great reputation, check out House of Pizza in St. Cloud/Sartell.

About House of Pizza

The restaurant is committed to providing an inviting and friendly

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Our listing clients often ask us which home improvements provide the most bang for the buck when it comes time to sell. We always remind them that the market value of a home – what it will sell for to a willing buyer – is in large part determined by the sales prices of similar homes in the neighborhood, and surrounding neighborhoods. Considerations include age of the home, condition, square footage, and, yes, improvements.

When considering improving a home to get it ready to sell, it’s important to make smart decisions to avoid over-improving the home for the neighborhood.

A good first step is to get clear on the home’s current market value and we’re happy to help you there, at no charge.

Now you know the starting value, before adding

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Finding something fun to enjoy near Edina isn't difficult. There are a number of great attractions throughout the area.

When summer rolls around, spending time outside is important. A trip to Bunker Beach Water Park in Coon Rapids is a great way to spend the day with the family. This is the largest outdoor water park in the state and very convenient for those in the Edina area.

You will want to bring your swimming gear, towels, sunscreen sunglasses and a little cash for concessions and tube rentals. Here is some of what the water park offers.


If you want to enjoy plenty of fun at the water park, you can join one of the programs, which will be held this summer. They have a Cardio club, which walks against the current of the lazy

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Good Earth is a restaurant with a belief that the closer they can connect to the planet earth, the better. They cook everything within the harmony of each season and believe freshness is vital.

The restaurant uses local growers and organic suppliers instead of factory farms that may use antibiotics or hormones. With responsibly grown ingredients, Good Earth provides a number of delicious and health options for your next meal.

The Menu

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, you will find plenty of great options on the menu including:

  • A variety of fresh juices
  • Natural Cereal options
  • Ten Grain Hot Cakes
  • Corn Cakes
  • Brioche French Toast
  • Egg white Tomato Basil Omelette
  • Grilled Salmon on Vegetable Hash
  • Good Earth Huevos
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Website statistics tell us a lot about our users and one of the most valuable pieces of information is which listings are getting the most attention. This lets us know what Edina homebuyers find attractive – which types of homes are the most appealing.

This week we have a clear winner in the “most popular” contest among the current pool of listings, but there are two runners-up as well. First – the winner.

Olde Vernon Custom-Built Beauty

By far, the EdinaRealEstate.com listing that has received the most views is this custom-built villa with an amazing pond view, just west of Hawkes Lake. The home’s exterior includes lots of attractive stone and brick work.

Inside you’ll find 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms in 3,563 square feet of living

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If you love to fish, then you will want to check out all the tours offered by Fish Traxx. Providing tours in a variety of areas including Brainerd, Breezy Point, Cross Lake, Nisswa and greater Minnesota.  Some of the prime lake locations in Brainerd are Gull Lake, Whitefish Chain, North Long Lake, and Mille Lacs.

It doesn’t matter what type of fish you are looking to snag, the guides at Fish Traxx will lead you into diverse fishing areas. These locations contain a variety of fish including walleye, bass, muskie, pike and panfish.

All guides have a great knowledge of the Minnesota area, and where to go to ensure a great day of fishing. These guides currently hold a 100% catch rate, which only ensures you will have a fun filled day on the water or

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Stearns History Museum - Image Credit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:McGhiever

The Stearns County Historical Society established in 1936. It wasn’t until 1973 that this society started arranging themselves into a museum. With the help of grants, the members were able to place their collected artifacts in a proper way. With this, they also began studying history within the community.

A groundbreaking ceremony took place in 1982, and the construction of the museum began. The museum contains a variety of exhibits, galleries, research center, archives, kids play area, gift shop, and meeting rooms.  It is a nationally accredited museum, and has come a long way throughout the years. Those who began the Stearns County Historical Society would never have thought it would be what it is today.

This museum is loved by residence in

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April is National Volunteer Month and, since we know how involved Edina residents are in their communities, we are offering up what we think are three amazing volunteer opportunities. No need to drive far – all of these opportunities are located right here in our own backyard.

1. Help our Schools

Sure we have some of the best schools in the state, but to keep them in peak performance requires help – from the community. Edina Community Education is always looking for volunteers and here are a few of the ways you can help:

  • Guide the Study Hall at Edina High School.
  • Administer AP Tests for Edina students.
  • Read books out loud at the Media Center
  • Volunteer in a classroom.
  • Spend Saturday morning helping out with the Saturday School
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Edina provides plenty of great places to enjoy golf, no matter the time of the year. With multiple courses, a driving range and even the Breamar Golf Dome, those enjoying golf will feel right at home in Edina. Here's a quick look at the golf attractions you will find here.


The area is home to an executive course and a 27-hole regulation golf course. The executive course is perfect for beginners and those looking for a quick round. It's a part 29 course with the longest hole measuring 326 yards. The rolling greens, water hazards and sand bunkers make this a fun course to play.

The 27-houle regulation course is split into three nines: Castle, Hays and Clunie. Each nine is a bit different and pairing them together provides for the

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A restaurant and bar found in downtown St. Cloud, The White Horse has been open since 2008. This restaurant was opened to provide variety amongst the many corporate changes found throughout the area. They serve both lunch and dinner with a diverse crowd ranging from lawyers and doctors to undergraduate students.

The White Horse was built on the foundation of the original bar, which was constructed in 1907. This space has been the home for Sportsman, Mike Morris's Superstars, Geez and now The White Horse. Here's what you can expect at this restaurant and bar.

The Menu

Lunch consists of plenty of burgers and wraps options, along with salads, melts, sandwiches and more. You will find a selection of great entrees on the dinner menu including:

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