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Sure, the holidays are upon us and it’s a bit hard to concentrate both at work and at home, but the world keeps spinning and stuff keeps happening – especially in Edina. Let’s take a look at a few bits & pieces from Edina.

Where are those Guys?

Wonder no more when the City of Edina will be out plowing the streets. All you need to do to find out is call the Snowplow Hotline.

The Public Works Department made the announcement, saying “It’s going to help the residents know exactly what’s going on as far as when we’re plowing, why we’re waiting to plow and more. We’re going to give them the info they need,”

So, jot down this number, 952-826-1628, or program it into your phone.

What’s “Friendly” to Some . . .

The City of Edina wants to be

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